JP: Maintenance Shed

The Maintenance Building is one of many used on Jurassic Park. It houses the power breakers for Jurassic Park. It is depicted it as a concrete shed, leading underground.

^ Ellie running for the maintenance shed from the raptor infested jungle.

^ The entrance.

The interior has many stairwells and lockers presumably for scientists to keep records. It also holds the main power grid, which after activated, turns on 12 known power systems.

^ Opening the breaker box.

^ Charging the primer handle.

^ Push the green button, Push to close.

^ Breaker overview.

^ Closeup of the breakers.

Herbivore Feeding Compound

Visitor Center Compound

Visitor Center Control Room

Visitor Center Tour

Genetics/Fertilization Room

Unknown, blocked from view

Surveillance Cameras

Emergency Bunker

Carnivore Feeding Compound

Velociraptor Pen Fence

Tyrannosaur Paddock

Perimeter Fence

^ 3D rendering of the complete breaker box.

^ Ellie looks back at the raptor she's temporarily trapped in the mesh fence surrounding the breaker box.


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